Protecting Women’s Rights in Jerusalem Program:


This program was developed to face the occupation policies that aim to evacuate Jerusalem of Palestinians including many actions that target the society living in Jerusalem. Women in particular are affected with these policies, because they adversely and disproportionately have to balance their lives in the framework of their strict traditional roles and the additional difficulties due to occupation policies. This double-layered pressure effectively eliminates women from participation in public life and prohibits them from accessing the various social resources that could provide for personal independence and socio-economic stability—such as incomes, traineeships, education, and entering the job market—effectively multiplying the effect of the occupation's violence upon them. The main goals of this program are to document the occupation's practices in Jerusalem; the effect of these practices on Palestinian women; and to work with affected women in an attempt to build a strategy to face these policies and enhance their resistance. The program works with specialists and professionals that have experience in initiatives to resist violence against women (particularly political violence). In addition, the program aims to reach the international community in order to disseminate these facts and gather a large network of international solidarity for women’s rights.

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