The Centre aims at working for freedom,
dignity, and equality through its various programs.;
The strategic objectives of the centre:

1- Develop and disseminate progressive feminist discourse in relation to equality issues as an integral part of human rights.

2- To integrate gender equality in all the policies and national legislation, regulations, policies, programs and government initiatives and to ensure that the needs of women and girls are considered seriously in all the plans and national projects.

3- To empower feminist leaders to participate, on an gender equal basis, in socio-economic development, social change, political decision-making, and in the labor force.

4- To study and observe the status of women and to locate gender gaps in Palestinian society.

5- To contribute to develop the abilities of the different social organizations that take action against all forms of violence against women and girls.

6- To integrate the needs of women and girls with disabilities in all interventions that target the status of women and girls.

7- To develop new dynamic strategies when working with women; to document all the successful work experiences; and to publish it widely.

8- To build the centre’s capacity and potentials in relation to enhancing the achievement of the previous goals.
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